Scar tissue healing

scar tissue remediation education and treatment (STREAM)


Stream work is about creating an explicitly felt experience bit by bit with full consent every step of the way, it’s about reconnecting the dots between ones mental map of self, one’s genitals, and the pleasurable sensations they deliver when healthy’. 

Ellen Heed PhD creator of STREAM

Learn about the significance of scar tissue in the whole body and how it may be affecting your gut health, pelvic and psycho-emotional health.

Prepare your body to maximise stretch and space for birth and recovery post birth.  Learn how to work with your scar tissue to maximise full recovery and avoid pain including pain during sex, urinary continence, prolapse and altered sensation.

Why attend to scar tissue?

Scar tissue is one of the major influencers of pelvic health when it comes to healthy sexuality, function and expression; postural and pelvic floor strength and resilience.  Scar tissue, in the presence of inflammatory biochemistry can literally run amok, spreading along sheaths of fascia, restricting nerves and cell function. 

The results can be slow to creep up and/or debilitating leading to prolapse, organs and ligaments becoming stuck to other tissues and bone that prevent movement and glide.. leading to pain and holding patterns in the body long term.  Perhaps one of the most distressing and impactful outcomes for personal health, self esteem and relationships is the impact on sexual health, pleasure and sensitivity, that in some cases over the long term cause chronic pain and long term impact on capacity to experience pleasure. 

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How might you know scar tissue is the source of your symptoms?  

You may experience pain, numbness, hypersensitivity in the area where you have scar tissue.  There is often referred pain and discomfort close to the site of the original injury.  You may experience pain during sex, difficulty urinating, recurrent UTI’s, prolapse, vulvodynia, altered body image.. if this remains unaddressed over time you may experience low self esteem, sexual difficulties, relationship issues and more.

A practitioner qualified in scar tissue remedial work, provides a relational, informational and trauma informed container within which to work safely and sensitively.  Wounds contain experiences that were often painful, distressing sometimes traumatic – literal body memories that are carried within us until we find ways to process and release them.

Unexamined, these wounds are like unopened letters, that can inform our process of growth as humans and mothers, particularly in the realm of our sexuality.