MOTHER & baby groups

Becoming a parent is possibly one of lifes most extreme transitions, a rite of passage.    How we experience this transition impacts the resilience and capacity we have access to as mothers.  When we are acknowledged as warrior mothers and offered loving kindness and  non-judgement we flourish.

At Thrive we co-create a therapeutic group circle to hold the experiences and reflections of all who step in.

Feeling welcomed, seen and accepted as a new mother is essential vital to our health and well being.  Thrive provides a healthy group system where you will receive the imprint of kindness, love and acceptance.  This in turn feeds your self acceptance, confidence and self esteem as a mother.

Thrive is a matriarchal model and environment where you can  witness and grow yourself as a ‘baby mother’.  You will learn and practice skills to self regulate and practice extreme self care essential to needed to you as new mother.  Over 9 weeks we explore different themes, learn and practice simple mindful practices to support:

  • navigating change with self-awareness and compassion
  • increasing awareness of reactivity / responsivity 
  • being present and connected with yourself, your baby, your partner and family and the community around you 

Facilitators Jo Watson and Sue Power have a combined experience of over 30 years working with women and famillies.  They each bring their unique qualities and skills.  We offer groups as co-facilitators and separately.  Online groups also available.


the thrive PROGRAM

Weekly themes include:

  • changing identity
  •  creative and intuitive parenting
  • parenting in todays world
  • sexuality and intimacy
  • navigating relationship changes
  • contentment and letting go
  • family values, rituals and creating community  

This group is for any new mother with a baby or babies aged 0-5 months.  Numbers limited to 10 mother baby couples.

Where and when:

Fridays 10-noon Northside, 1-3pm Westside

Mana Health Practice, 130 Plenty Road Preston

Gather womens space Seddon

Contact me to go on a waiting list for the next Thrive group or to request a facilitator to hold a group in your area.


$360 payment plans available, $100 deposit to register.  Includes weekly resource email and guided relaxations.


Click here to book a 20 minute Zoom or phone chat and for more information.